Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I didn't get a chance to post yesterday after Gideon's two-month check up because of all I was doing to get ready for Nora's baby shower and for us to leave town for a few days. More the later than the former. Gideon's appointment went very well. The most exciting news is that he is still gaining well, 1 pound and 4 ounces in two weeks. What a relief! I was still nervous that there would be something amiss there - this type of paranoia isn't unusual for women who have low supply for some reason. Apparently, I can put that worry to rest because he is doing fantastic still with no formula supplementation. Yoohoo! So, with his weight gain he is up to 12lb 14oz.

He's getting quite good at getting his fist to his mouth and he is chattering up a storm to anyone who will talk to him. We've discovered that he doesn't like the heat. For the couple of days that we had high temperatures around here, and that we were out of the cool of the house for a while, he was rather grumpy and didn't want to nurse even though I knew he was hungry. When we would get him to someplace cool he'd snap right out of it. I can't blame him, he probably gets it from me - I can't stand HEAT. I'm a strictly 70's kind of girl and I don't mean disco.

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Marfa said...

We got a dog...she's so sweet. Thanks for your email!
Heat is hard with babies...we lived in Georgia last and we went outside to play in the morning mostly. Here, in Ohio, we can play outside all day! ;)