Friday, July 11, 2008

Flashback Friday

Today the Flashback Machine is taking us back to early 2006 when we had a little property and a couple of goats named Archie and Matilda. Gabe absolutely loved helping to feed and water the goats. In fact, he would beg me to let him outside to go to the barn all day long and could not be convinced that the goats only needed their feed twice daily. He also enjoyed showing visitors how to feed the goats. He would lead them into the feed room and tap on the top of the can holding their grain and show them how to scoop with the measuring cup then take them into the stall to dump it into the feed pans. On occasion he would get confused and put himself into the feed pans instead. I'm so bummed because he says he doesn't remember our goats. I miss them a lot since we couldn't keep them when we moved. Someday I hope to have property again and would like to have more goats, a horse (at least one) and some chickens. By that time I also hope that the kids will be old enough to muck stalls and collect eggs. Oh yes, dear children, there will be barn chores!


Farm Fresh Jessica said...

I'd like to get a goat too--and barn chores--that's raisin' kids up right!

Mashel said...

Hey Julie, since you are a crazy blog addict and you have gotten me crazily addicted too (gee thanks!) I was wondering if you have read this one:
It is absolutly amazing. The author, Angie, is truly a remarkable woman of God, and is such an inpiration. Of course, start at the beginning if you have the time and read about their entire story.

Marfa said...

Cute! I've always wanted some goats. My parents had some when they were younger. I also want chickens, but we just got a dog (Lusy) I'm not sure about that. Lusy is very gentle, but I'm not willing to take that risk.