Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I love to give kudos when someone or some company has done a really excellent job of something and I love to pass on good finds to friends so let me turn you on to something good - really good. This Kudos! post goes to The Rock Wood Fired Pizza! At first glance you may wonder if this is a good place to take kids but let me tell you they ROCK! Rob and I have taken the kids to two of their locations and it's always been fabulous. The waitstaff are great and very friendly, the menu is delectable, and the atmosphere is downright fun! The kids get coloring pages and usually a lump of pizza dough to play with and if you get lucky you'll get a table with a view of the kitchen so the kids are entertained by the pizza tossing chefs. I can't say enough about the menu because fantastic just doesn't do it justice. You'll not find anything like it anywhere else. My new favorite late night craving is their brown sugar mozzarella bread. Mmhmm, that's right, brown sugar and mozzarella on bread. Sounds iffy, doesn't it? It'll win you over after one bite and your family will be fighting over the last piece. I can't get enough of the pasta, the sandwiches are fab and, oh yeah, they make a pretty decent pizza, too. In fact, on the kids menu is a peanut butter and jelly pizza that's so good I could have one every day for lunch and not get sick of it. Gabe never eats all of his so Rob and I finish it off for dessert. Yum! Rob has made a list of places he wants to eat before he heads overseas and this was the first place that he hit. So you guys over at The Rock - don't change a thing, 'cause you rock!

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