Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Learning To Swim

Gabe is taking swim lessons. I guess technically since I'm delinquent in posting this his lessons are over. We had decided to sign him up then found out about Rob leaving and thought he was going to miss it. Luckily, and by showing up at the pool first thing in the morning to get him signed up, we were able to get him in for a session that started and finished before Rob left. This was their special thing and Gabe even told him that it was his favorite part of the day - going to swim lessons with Daddy.

It turns out my boy is the class clown. More than a few times the lifeguard had to come over and remind Gabe to hold on to the side of the pool. I guess he's easily distractable. hmm, I wonder who he gets that from. Hey, what's that shiny thing over there...
He's getting the straight leg thing down pat.
Floating with the kick board.

Gabe got a certificate of completion at the end and a check list that shows he was good at everything but needs work on putting his face in the water (a little like me, too).

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Tiffany said...

Fun stuff Julie! Is your honey gone already? I thought you had him a tad longer.

Tiff Nevil