Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Deployment Update

Just 'cause lots of folks are asking. I've written a lot of the following already but it's a good reminder. I "get" to take Rob to the airport on Sunday. boohoo! He then spends a week in San Diego doing medical updating type stuff. Then straight to Ft. Bragg with him for 85 days of training. It looks like the poor guy won't even get a weekend of leave while there until the very end and then only maybe. Wow. But then when all that is said and done he gets to come home for about a week which, as it stands, will coincide with Zion's second birthday. Yeah! Then he's off to Asadabad, Afghanistan for 270 days. Blech.

I'm already trying to fill my calendar knowing that staying busy will help the time to pass. Speaking of calendars. I made one to demonstrate to Gabe how long Daddy will be gone. I made each page one month and together we'll check off the days so he can see the time pass. We'll also write little notes on each day of what we did so that Rob can see what we were up to while he was gone. I'm going to turn each month's page into a scrapbook page and scrapbook it with pictures of the events that we went to so Rob will have the whole year in a book when he returns. Right now the pages are all up on our wall so that we can see it all at once. If I think to I'll take a picture and post it here later.

So anyway, time is really slipping by fast now but I know that the sooner he leaves the sooner he'll get to come home.


Steve & Sarabeth said...

I love your idea on the calendar/scrapbook, and I think it's a really great way to help Gabe process everything as well as help the time pass for him. Way to go! Of the 3 kids, I would imagine this will be hardest on him.

Marfa said...

God-willing the time will pass quickly, keep yourself busy. Thankfully you've got the kids, he will be alone. My husband's lil brother is going next month, he's in Ft Drumm, NY now. Thanks for all you do, your whole family is making a sacrifice, for a good cause!