Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Victoria - Day 3

(So sorry about the lag in posting. We have been very busy readying for Rob's departure. But now back to my posts about our vacation.) Today we wake up in our new unit. Because of the short notice nature of our little family getaway we had to move to a new unit yesterday. The two units are identical except for a slight difference in the view. This new unit is on the seventh floor and a little bit back from the water, but still very nice. Today we decide to head to Beacon Hill Park to hit the petting zoo.

One of the first animals that we see are the bunnies.
Zion is thrilled by the chickens.
Then she spies the llamas. The brown one is getting down to roll in the dirt. It was really funny but so dusty that the other pictures didn't capture it well.
Every time one of the animals made a sound Zion would stop what she was doing, crack up laughing and then try to copy it. I can remember if she was trying to cock-a-doodle or baa here.
The zoo had a huge corral with tons of goats many of which were babies. At first Zion wasn't too sure.
Gabe decided it was funner to climb like the goats than to pet the goats.
I found out that they offer brushes for the goats. Once Zion had her little hands on one of those she made it her mission to brush every goat in the pen at least once. This took a long time.
Gabe made a little friend. I overheard him saying "So. You have Thomas trains, too?" Wow. What a lady killer.
Wandering around the farm.
Rob's favorite animal was this little guy whom he dubbed Party Chicken. Rock on Party Chicken!
Afterwards we walk around some of the rest of the park and then it's off to find dinner.
Gideon is hanging out in the chair and he must look hungry because Zion brings him a meal.
All cozy at the end of the day. Nothing better than a nice bath after dusting it up at the zoo.

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