Friday, July 4, 2008

Flashback Friday

Since we just arrived home from our brief little vacay this evening I thought I would use my Flashback Friday to post a pic from a vacation past. Last year we ended up traveling a lot (not the norm), Zion ended up taking three different cross country flights in the summer before she turned one.

In June of last year we traveled to Michigan when Rob's brother Carl and his fiance, Keri, got married (tomorrow is her birthday BTW, Happy B-day, Keri!). The first morning we were there Zion would not sleep so Rob brought her to our bed. They both slept much better after that. She was just over 6 months old here. Here we are at the wedding, which was beautiful! Even when the heavens opened and we got caught in a lightning storm probably less than an hour after this picture was taken.
In September of the same year we attended a reunion of sorts for Rob's InterVarsity group from college at Camp Gitche Gumee. While there Gabe, 3, got to dip into Lake Superior for the second time and Zion, at 10 months old, for her first.
Looks like a tropical paradise doesn't it? Not hardly! This is the beach access to Lake Superior at Camp Gitche Gumee. This day it was FREEZING due to the wind which was blowing so hard the sand was whipping everywhere. We came, Rob chased his hat, I snapped a few pics and we left.
Then in October we traveled to Arizona to visit with family there. Gabe's favorite part was the pool of course.

Zion, on the other hand, fell in love with my Grandma's chair. She was about two weeks shy of her first birthday for this trip.
OK, that's all for now. We are home safe (if we survive the neighborhood fireworks that is) and I promise I will blog about our vacation and post a ton of pics in the next few days. I have to hit post really fast before it isn't Friday anymore and my Flashback will be on the wrong day - yikes!


Marfa said... does look like paradise. Beautiful! It was pretty cool here too. I hope you had a happy fourth!!!

Farm Fresh Jessica said...


Isn't it amazing how fast they grow??

I love your top in the wedding pic.