Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Long Lens and Other Fun

When I went digital I replaced my Pentax SLR which I had accumulated lenses and filters for with my Nikon D65. I couldn't at the time afford to replace my lenses and filters as well. One thing I've missed very much was my zoom lens. Sunday I got to replace it - yoohoo! And today I got to play with it.
My freshly painted toenails and new favorite shoes. They are SO comfortable!

Painted nails take two.

Gideon hanging out on the outdoor swing. While there he managed to get his burp cloth in his mouth to chew on and Zion saw him. She very gently removed it from his mouth and, equally gentle, said "No, no, no, no, no. No eat." Such a sweet girl.

My Hungarian Hot Wax has a teeny tiny baby pepper! I'm such a proud mama! Sadly, the carrot that sprouted just before we left for vacation succumbed to the hot weather despite the care of our housesitter and was all shriveled up when we got home. Today I noticed that we have one other new one that has come up and today I put in a few more seeds in case the others that I planted didn't like the heat either.

I took the next few pictures all from the comfort of the swing. This pic of Zion getting in her Cozy Coupe is my lens at the bottom range.

This one was taken moments later at the longest range. Notice her sad little pigtail that got squashed during her nap.

Oops, she moved. But I still really like this photo.

This one too was taken from the swing. Ben hanging out in the shade. The colors are simply gross, it was really hot today. It washes out colors and makes for harsh lights and shadows. Speaking of lights and shadows, one fun thing that we got to do today was to have our family portrait taken.

We met our photographer, Kara Jovag, at the beautiful Windmill Gardens which provided the backdrop to our portrait. Naturally, before we left the house we couldn't find one of Zion's shoes that we had bought specifically for the pictures today so we had to use another pair, and Gideon decided to have a grump fest complete with more spitting up in one day then he has done in his whole life. Gabe was up to his usual funny faces instead of smiling and poor Zion was one nap short of being her normal smiling self. Regardless, I think Kara got some good shots and I can't wait to see them.

When we got home I had Rob take a picture of me because, while the kids are often dressed up nicely and Rob is too because of work, I rarely get to be so dressed up. Not to mention that I still have some pounds left to shed and most of my wardrobe doesn't necessarily look real attractive on me right now (thank you Jamie for shopping with me and helping me to pick out my outfit!). Anyway, I couldn't pass up the chance so here is me today.

After our photo session we got to cross another restaurant off of Rob's list by having lunch at Dixie's. They have the best fries around and their panko crusted chicken tenders are my all time favorite - so amazing! The waitstaff is friendly, service is fast and the atmosphere cozy. Another fabulous place to eat!


Peter and Abby said...

I love the squashed ponytail! So cute!

Marfa said...

You look great!!! Nice outfit. Cute tootsies. Our peppers look about the same, but they're simply green peppers, nothing fancy or exotic!