Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jameson!

I'm delinquent in posting this but if you've been reading my blog the last week you already know that delinquency has been a theme of late. So, July 19th was my nephew Jameson's birthday and the reason that I didn't wish him a happy birthday via the blog on the day was that I was away from my computer all day. First we headed up to meet with the photographers and then we went to his birthday party. Some of you may already know that we have celebrated Jameson's birthday without Jameson these last two years because he passed away shortly after he turned five (if you do the math that means he would have been seven this year).

Jameson was such a special boy, I could fill a blog about him alone. Tonight I got to talking about him at our Bible study and we were late getting back to relieve the babysitter. Jameson was the first person I ever loved so much it hurt. I remember distinctly the moment that first pang hit and I realized what it meant. I would never be the same again - thank God. Jameson had a way of changing people. I personally can experience a depth of love for people that I never thought was possible and I owe it to him. He had a way of teaching people about the value of life - all life, not just the kind of lives that The World seems to think is valuable. He had a beautiful life. Too short but beautiful. Sometimes when I picture him as he must be now I see him leaning over a creek with the reflection of his face in the water or running through a field of tall grass, things he did not get to do while here with us. The song Waiting On The Far Side Banks Of Jordan comes to mind (I guess I'll have to update my music again). He's just biding his time over there, drawing pictures in the sand, waiting for us to join him. Here's the lyrics (copied directly from a lyric website):

I'll Admit My Steps Are Growing Wearier Each Day
Still I've Got A Certain Journey On My Mind
Lures Of This Old World Have Ceased To Make Me Want To Stay
My One Regret Is Leaving You Be-hind

If It Proves To Be His Will That I Am First To Cross
And Somehow I've A Feeling It Will Be
When It Comes Your Turn To Travel Likewise Don't Feel Lost
For I Will Be The First One That You'll See

Chorus:And I'll Be Waiting On The Far Side Banks Of Jordan
I'll Be Sitting Drawing Pictures In The Sand
And When I See You Coming I Will Rise Up With A Shout
And Come Running Through The Shallow Water Reaching For Your Hand

Through This Life We've Laboured Long To Earn Our Meagre Fare
It's Brought Us Trembling Hands And Failing Eyes
So I'll Just Rest There On That Shore And Turn My Eyes Away
Until You Come Then We'll See Para-dise

When I have time I'll post pictures from his birthday party. It was a blast and more money was earned for Jameson's lending library at the Snohomish County ARC.

*ETA* Playlist didn't have a decent version of Waiting On The Far Side Banks Of Jordan so I added I'll Fly Away instead. This is one of the songs chosen for Jameson's memorial service and, honestly, the only way I can put it on my blog is that my laptop is usually on mute. I can't listen to this song or that darn rainbow ukulele song without shedding tears anymore. I still love the songs, it's just I love Jameson more and I miss him.

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Marfa said...

How very sweet, a memory to keep him alive...what happened?