Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Minute By Minute

That pretty much describes how I feel right now and for the last few days. Most of my minutes since Sunday have been good. A couple of times however have been a little emotional. That is usually due to Gideon not napping and wanting to nurse or be held ALL day. Truth is, that situation can get me a bit down when Rob is not in another state but it is admittedly worse when I know I need to get the kids a bath but I'm stuck in the rocker for hours trying to get Gideon to the point where he is asleep enough that I can put him down. The good thing is the last few days Jamie and Abby have been here to lend a hand and play with the kids. Tomorrow they go home.

Tonight Jamie got the kids in bed as I nursed and rocked Gideon yet again. We finished about the same time though so I got to give Abby and Gabe good night hugs and kisses. I had to apologize to Gabe for a shortness of temper and told him that I was tired and missed Daddy. He said that was OK and that maybe we should pray about it and he does. I know I can't lean emotionally on my 4 year old for the next year but it sure does feel good to have him respond that way. He's so great. So I have a lot that I would rather blog about than my meager emotional state and I know it will help me feel better so I'm going to shut up now and blog on.

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Mashel said...

I am praying for you too. I can't even imagine, it must be so hard. Please let me know if I can do anything at all to help you.