Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jameson's Party - Pictures

As promised...
Within minutes of getting to the West Farm Gabe finds the sand table...
and Zion finds the craft table. Here she's trying to break into the bubbles, later she paints herself with the finger paints.
Soon after Gabe starts on the blow-up climbing wall which leads to the slide into a pool.
Zion finds a new addiction - a hula hoop.
"Tantie" Jamie shows her how she can roll them as well.
Jamie and Zion dancing away.
Gabe dons the Body Boppers which makes him look like a cartoonish rodeo clown.

Zion checks out one of Carol's miniature horses.
But decides that watering her dog is more fun.
Watering dogs makes one thirsty.
My beautiful nephew Jameson.
A board with a few of the articles written about him. There are three or four panels like this there.

After writing our messages and attaching them to helium balloons we wait until the time to let them up to heaven and to Jameson.
There they go!!! Miss you Jameson, see you later.

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