Monday, July 28, 2008

A Message From Rob

Hi all,

I got to realizing today that military life is not the norm for most of you, even if it seems routine to me. In case you’re wondering, here’s a little snippet of my life back on active duty regarding a favorite pastime for me – eating!

All 3 meals were eaten in the galley today – or the onbase cafeteria. I don’t have to eat there, but as a friend pointed out today, we got to eat all 3 meals today and spent a grand total of what was less than $10!

Breakfast included: strawberry yogurt, fresh cantaloupe, oatmeal, and some juice.
Lunch was 2 tacos, nacho chips and cheese, a red plum, 2 chocolate chip cookies (nice and soft, just like I like ‘em), and a Diet Coke (not my favorite, but the Coke was out and I preferred caffeine to supplement an afternoon full of PowerPoint briefs).
Finally, dinner was a turkey-based meatloaf, rice, green beans, corn, a piece of chocolate cake, and an iced tea.

Good to enjoy the food while I can – remind me to retell the story when I’m in Army facilities starting next week! I also have to fast overnight for a cholesterol check in the morning. Yippee.

In hometown news… we got a prayer request from our home church in Bonney Lake for Dan Packer’s family today. He was a firefighter there who was battling the wild fires in Northern California, but was overcome by the fire changing course. Still, you can read about him here:
As you think to do so, remember the Packer family and all service members this day – whether military or not.

Good night all,

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Marfa said...

My Rob reminds me of how they survived on MREs and then gives me one to try. I like the pound cake, but the rest is undistinguishable. Mush. You seems like an optimist, so that's a very good thing!!!