Thursday, July 31, 2008

Three-Month Pics

All right, technically he wasn't three months yet, that didn't happen for three days after these were taken. I took these on Friday morning while Gideon and I waited in a hotel room for Rob to pick us up for more Navy "fun" (i.e. paperwork). My impromptu photo shoot was more fun, I assure you.

So Gideon is now three months old. I have no idea how long he is or how much he weighs but I can tell you that he is all smiles nearly all the time. Gabe and Zion enjoy him SO much and that is immensely enjoyable to see. Zion mothers him whether he likes it or not and Gabe loves to get him to smile.

Gideon is a lot like Gabe in that he is content to stay where you put him. Not like Zion who rolled over for the first time at 6 weeks old and hasn't stopped moving since. However, Gideon did roll over from back to front today. It was quite humorous to see since I'm not exactly sure that Gideon really meant for it to happen. He did it on purpose but he still had this look of "what is happening?" on his face that made me crack up.

In case you were wondering, we stayed in a hotel because the base that is Rob's parent command is quite a drive from our home and we had a lot to do very early. Gabe and Zion stayed with my sister but my little nursling stayed with us. This is the day that Rob is officially reactivated. No longer a Reservist but, I'm told, he is now IA which stands for Individual Augmentation. This is what they call it when they yank someone, active or reserves, from their "normal" job and farm them out. Rob is now owned by the Army. I don't know why I'm adding this on to this post, I should start a new one but oh well. It's done and I have laundry to fold so I'm not starting over. Later.


Marfa said...

What sweet photos...I've enjoyed following your family this week. So, Rob was in the Navy and is now Army??

kelly mcg said...

Hey Julie, sorry I haven't responded to emails. It is good to catch up via blogs though, lol. B was also an individual augmentee when he went to Kosovo. Very frustrating to not have anyone else to relate to. We are praying for your family though! Email me if you ever wanna chat!
kelly mcg

Jessica said...

Your pics are SO cute!