Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Baby's A Looker

Last Saturday Gideon and I were invited to be models for a photographer friend of my sister's and a friend of hers who would like to get into baby photography. I don't get real excited about having my picture taken but will offer up my kids any chance that I get so I was all over that for sure. Even just looking at the previews in the back of the camera I was stoked (yeah, I'm showing my age using the word "stoked") to see the results. Well, Kerri, wonderful, fabulous Kerri, posted some of her favorites on her blog today (I haven't seen the pics from the other photog, Jeff, yet). Go here - Kerri Kirschner's Blog.

Kerri also recently photographed my niece who is SO gorgeous anyway but Kerri's photographs really brought out her beauty and personality. Go here - Beautiful Girl.

And since I'm bragging about my beautiful family I'll just mention that a few years ago Kerri also photographed my sister and her son, Jameson. Her blog doesn't have the pictures (though her business website has a few, Jamie and Jameson's photo is #1 in the special kids gallery and Jameson is also #3 and #9 and my sister can also be seen a number of times in the individual gallery) but an article was recently written about her and her work with children with special needs. Go here for that - article. She rocks!


Mashel said...

Those pictures are gorgous Julie. I love the contrast of your red hair and his soft white skin. Truly beautiful. I might have to contact her when it comes time to do the twins' 1 year pictures. I didn't have the money to do anything big for their 6 month ones, so I just went to Sears, but they really don't know how to deal with special needs at all. They tried to stuff my very hypertonic(stiff) little baby boy into a chair, he was not going for that at all!

Crystal said...

Beautiful pics!