Thursday, July 3, 2008

It's Real Life

This week's theme is Where the Magic Happens--our bedrooms. Except that I'm not at home. We're on vacation this week so I'm going to be a rebel and alter my It's Real Life post to reflect the magic that is happening on our vacation and photos that I've already taken. Enjoy!
Our first night in Victoria, BC happens to be on Canada Day so we enjoyed a beautiful fireworks display from our unit. Thankfully I had my tripod in the car and got some good pics.
This is our unit this morning. Zion is just finishing breakfast. Poor Rob is being blogged before having a chance to get ready for the day.
This is the other side of our unit (didn't take pics of the bedroom - didn't know It's Real Life was about bedrooms). Gabe and Gideon are watching Treehouse. I didn't think to bring Gideon's bouncy seat - silly me.
Wow! Yesterday we got to go to Butchart Gardens.
Still Butchart Gardens. I'll blog in more detail about all the fun we had on vacation when I get home. It just so happened that Rob had Gabe at the pool and Zion and Gideon were napping so I took time to pop on this morning and do this. Love it!


Joy said...

SOOOOOOOOOO LUCKY!!! Have a blast!

Joy said...

Oh and I love your Gabe-isms on your sidebar! Especially the second one!!!

Megan said...

good for you- breaking the rules to stay in the game! how funny. what a great view!


Anne Elizabeth said...

Love the pictures of the gardens:)

gina said...

What a view of the firework right from your unit!

Those gardens are beautiful.

Glad you are having such a wonderful vaca- enjoy!!

4 Little Men & Twins said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for the 'fluid' info. :)

you kiddos are adorable!

have a great day


Peter and Abby said...

you took way better pics of Butchart than I did! I'll have to see yours. Didn't you love it! By the way, what does nobody likes a show off mean??

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

Those last pictures are abso-smurf-ly gorgeous! I'm so impressed.

And a vacation w/ a baby--doubly impressed!