Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What We've Been Up To

Perhaps a better question is what haven't we been up to. Let's see, on the 8th both Gabe and Zion started swim classes at the Y. I have fallen in love with the Y. Sadly, they didn't get classes in the same time slot so we're there at 10AM for Gabe's class two days a week and back again at 4 for Zion's class the same two days. On the 9th Gabe's preschool started up again, that's four afternoons a week. On the 10th AWANAs started again, that's one night a week. Then on the 15th my "couple's" Bible study started up again (though I study alone for now), that's also one night a week. And on the 16th my MOPS group started back up again. I am so thrilled to be a table leader again this year. If you are a mom of a newborn to a kindergartener look up your local MOPS group and get involved! Next week my women's Bible study starts up again and that's one morning a week. Whew! Busy, busy!

I really do love the Y and so do the kids. They LOVE their swim classes. Zion practically vibrates with joy when we arrive for her class (and sobs when she gets put in nursery because it's Gabe's turn). The other day she started stripping in the lobby while I was checking the boys into the nursery because she was so excited to get started. I am amazed at how quickly and instinctively she caught on to things like reaching for the wall, climbing out and moving along the wall. As for pool noodles, she doesn't want to float on them. She picks them up one at a time and tells me "No eat!" Maybe she's confused because I keep calling them "noodles" or maybe it does appear as though someone has nibbled on the ends of some of them.

So while Gabe swims and Zion plays in the nursery, Gideon and I go for a walk on the track. He has the luxury of hanging suspended in the Moby Wrap (which I LOVE) and attracts many smiles and comments, both because he's so happy and because of the wrap itself. Later, Gideon and Gabe get to play in the nursery and Zion and I get to splash in the pool. You know the funnest part of the Y? Putting our dripping suits into that fantastic swim suit water extractor. Who was the genius that invented that little spinning bucket of fun?!

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