Monday, September 29, 2008

Oh Lord.

I hit the Trifecta of sleepless nights last night. Between Gideon, the major contributor, and the dog, who had what we call "fast poops" and had to be let out quite urgently at about 4AM, and Zion, who lost her paci and couldn't deal with the tragedy alone, I got very and I mean very little sleep last night. Already this morning I can tell that this is going to be very long day, not just because I'm tired but because I also have a very short rope with the kids. So, my Prayer Warriors, hit the mat for me (and my kids). Not only that we'd survive the day but that Gideon would start sleeping better - and soon! For some reason he is not convinced that he can go longer than two hours and also something is going on that is making him not go back to sleep once he does wake up and that is unusual for him. So please pray for us. Thanks!

ETA: Right after typing this post and publishing it the first time, I walked into the kitchen for a wet rag to clean up Zion after breakfast and - splat! Stepped in an enourmous puddle of dog urine. Yep. I don't know when it happened since he had already been out that morning but it wasn't from a cat or child and, though I've been known to throw a tizzy on occasion, piddling on my own brand new comfy squishy mat in front of my sink really isn't my style. The dog is so in the dog house and that is an understatement!

That said, I'm grateful that I wasn't wearing socks (yuck!) and that papertowels were within reach so that I didn't have to leave wet footprints through the house trying to find something to clean up with. I also managed to get us to the Y on time for Gabe's swim class (which he was crying about because he didn't want to go - long story). After a rather stressful night and morning I decided to leave both Zion and Gideon in the nursery instead of walking with Gideon like normal and went to the Fitlinx room by myself instead. I biked 4 miles on the recumbant cycle - yoohoo! I'm still tired but my energy level was given a boost by the exercise and I hope to go take a nap now. Zion is sleeping, Gabe was convinced to take a train and have quiet time in his room so it's just me and Gideon. Wish me luck!


Crystal said...

I prayed!

Julie said...

Thanks, Sweetie. I felt it!

Jeremy and Laura Lebow said...

Sorry, I'm just now reading this . . so I didn't pray at that time for you. But, I do feel your pain, as I have been getting up a little at night recently, too, but not as much as you have and not without a husband at home. Hang in there!