Sunday, September 14, 2008


Psalm 31:22 " heard my cry for mercy when I called you for help."

Boy does He, dontcha know? This has been one of the harder weeks for me since Rob left. I've been very emotional, both down in the dumps and frustrated. I've blown my top more than a couple of times and have had to ask the kids for forgiveness for my reactions to them. But God does know my needs and, in addition to a phone call and e-mail made by friends, He sent me Patsy. Thank you God for Patsy, that she listened to you when you told her I needed an angel. Thank you Patsy for the ever so yummy food you brought today and for taking Gabe to church for me. You knew exactly what this pent-up-with-sick-kids-Mommy needed. God bless you.

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