Thursday, September 11, 2008

What I Need - An Update

I just had a few minutes to check my e-mail and noticed the solitary e-mail in my "spam" folder was from "Lonely Girl". She wanted to know if I wanted a date. Um. No. BUT - I do want someone to clean my shower. Can we make an arrangement for that? I very nearly opened the e-mail to write her a letter of desparation. Not of one who needs a one night stand date but of a mommy who needs a hand! Please come distract my children while I wash the dishes. Or run an errand for me. Better yet, stay HERE while I run an errand (though if you let me out of the house alone I can't say when you'll see me again). I am out of bread, milk and juice and I have sick kid and can't get to the store. Please, please, pretty please. Do you suppose if I responded with the plea to every e-mail from "Lonely Girl" and friends that I'd stay on their lists for very long? Who knows. Maybe "Lonely Girl" will decide she's needed more as a nanny and make a change for a better life. This could be a good thing for everyone.

*Edited to add, please know that I have a very odd sense of humor sometimes and, while I did have a rather crummy day, this was posted to make light of that fact. I feel much better now.

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Jeremy and Laura Lebow said...

Okay, so could you seriously use some help? (I am one of the other MOPS table leaders, if you don't remember my name, by the way . . I held your little one the other night at crystal's . . . ) Where do you live?