Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Thursday after Gideon's appointment I packed up kids and car and headed to my sister's house for the weekend. Friday morning early we all packed up again, this time with Jamie, Abby, and Jessa in tow and Jamae and friends following behind, to the Evergreen State Fair. The Fair closer to our current house may technically be bigger and older (one of the biggest and oldest in the COUNTRY in fact) but the Evergreen Fair is my favorite. It's the one we went to as kids and the way the animal barns and shows are organized means more horses and horse related events and I really like that. Also, they have the race track there and back in the day (read - before kids) we used to spend many, many weekends at that track. It's where my Dad raced and later, when he stopped racing to tend my mother's health, my sister and I still frequented the races (we're talking cars here). This visit to the Fair was strictly Fair, no horses, no cars but still tons of fun with the kiddos who much prefer fair food and rides.

We started off with the rides. Gabe and Abby share a plane.


Jessa was a sweetie and went on the rides with the kids when they couldn't go alone.

The little roller coaster was called "The Wacky Worm" or something to that effect.

When Gabe got off he said "Boy, that sure was a wacky worm!"

Gideon did what Gideon does - he fell asleep.

The weather called for rain so we came prepared. At least Gabe and Abby did, but Zion had the most fun with the umbrellas stealing them out of the stroller at every opportunity to play with them.

We didn't lose any money on the carnival games but the prizes sure were colorful.

The ferris wheel is one of my favorites but this is as close as I got this trip.

One of the treats we enjoyed is called Poffertjes. I hadn't seen them at any fair before but we went back for more after sharing one plate of these heavenly little pillows of dough. I think I might just have to get the special pan to make them in - yummy!

Zion was dancing and running around like mad which I guess isn't technically mad for Zion since it's more her normal.

Gabe and Abby got to meet one very, very tall cowboy.

While the other kids played Gideon got in some good Tantie time.

Gabe pleaded with Jamie nearly the entire day and finally got his cotton candy just before we left. When Gabe was 1 he absolutely refused to eat this stuff, I have a picture of that, too.

And Zion got to steal huge gulps of Jessa's slushy. Beware, if ever she begs a drink off of you, she can really put it down - and fast!

So there, that's our trip to the Fair in pictures. Our prayers were answered and the rain held off, in fact, I ended up with a bad sunburn. And home we went exhausted and dirty, the best way to end a day.


Mashel said...

I love all of your creativeness in your pictures. I can tell you are having fun with photography again. They are really great. I love looking at ones like that for ideas. Good job! Oh and it looks like the kids had fun too.

Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

I haven't been to a good country fair in ages! I always loved them.

We used to go every summer without fail when I lived in upstate NY...Then I got married and started moving around so much that I cant even keep track of when and where they're happening in each new town we live in.

Thanks for sharing your pictures! I can live vicariously through you now :)

Peter and Abby said...

The Fair!! I can't wait! We've never been to the Evergreen State one, looks fun!