Saturday, September 13, 2008

Well What D'Ya Know!

I'm not taking care of a sick baby today. Nope. I'm taking care of TWO sick babies. Yep. Sometime after putting Gideon to bed last night it became apparent that he had picked up Zion's cold. He was miserable all last night. Not really sleeping, having a hard time breathing through his nose, wanting to nurse but panicking the second he tries because he couldn't breath while eating.

What were you doing at 3AM? I was sitting in my living room with Gideon in my lap hand pumping breast milk and then feeding it to him via syringe. Poor little guy. I'm sure he had a fever but I don't have good luck with thermometers. Mine says his temp is 96.something. Yeah right.

This morning when I got out of bed my appearance rivaled Gary Busey's mug shot. Rest assured, I'm at least slightly better looking now having wiped the sleep out of my eyes, getting my contacts in and putting on some non-breast milk soaked clothes.

Zion slept from 5PM yesterday to 7-ish AM this morning. I looked at her and thought "wow, her nose cleared up - great!" Then she coughed. Nope. All that congestion just moved to her chest. Poor kid.

So say a prayer for their quick recovery and that Gabe and I don't get it also. That would really be not good.

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