Sunday, September 28, 2008

Knight Rider

My review. I'm a car chick. I loooove the rumble of a big ol' motor. The right engine sound can actually bring a tear to my eye. Honest. The original Knight Rider (from here on out let's just call it OKR) was one of my favorite shows growing up. The new Knight Rider fails to please. For one, the graphics are insanely cheesy. The stupid fire on the outside of the car (or any time they have a shot inside the car when it's moving - or any time any car is moving). Puleeeze! The OKR would have used real fire. And it would have looked so much better. Can't stand fake fire. Consider the latest three Star Wars movies (computer generated special effects) versus all three of the Lord of the Rings movies ("real" special effects). Based on that alone which was funner to watch. LOTR of course!

Two, Kitt turns into a truck? Really? I mean really? Come on writers, this is Knight Rider NOT Transformers. Gimme a break! Naturally the new Kitt would have new technology but transformation is neither necessary or desirable.

Three, what's with all the bare bodies and S. E. X. stuff? I want to watch to see a car do cool tricks not see some chick strip down to her bra and panties - or the guy strip either for that matter. Lame! When is Hollywood going to figure out that if you make a show worth watching you don't need all the trashy stuff.

Four, cheese. I hate cheese. And by cheese I mean cheesiness. Acting, plot, jokes, writing. Not all of it but enough to qualify as big time cheese. Lame.

Knight Rider gets two thumbs down for me and I'm kind of bummed about that. I really wanted it to be cool.

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