Sunday, September 7, 2008

New Music

I added a couple of new songs to my blog playlist (I also deleted a couple). The first that will play is Boom Boom Boom my John Lee Hooker. This is dedicated to Gideon. Tonight when I went to put his PJs on he was making a noise that sounded like "boom boom" so I started singing the "boom boom boom boom" part of the song and Gideon started cracking up. The more I did it the more he laughed. Gotta love it!

The next song that comes on is Convoy by CW Mcall. I got to talk to Rob tonight and he was telling me that they have to do some convoy training or some such thing. I asked if he'd ever heard the song Convoy and he hadn't so here it is for his, and your, enjoyment. My sister and I had this song on a 45 when we were growing up. Yes. That's right. A record. Not a cassette, CD or MP3. An actual record. A few of you will have to follow that link. While you do I'll try not to feel old.

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