Monday, September 29, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY September 29, 2008...
Outside My Window... is a large green tree. I've just noticed that some of the leaves are turning yellow and I'm suddenly in love with the thought that soon there will be a big pile of leaves on the ground for the kids to jump into.
I am thinking... that I'm relieved a big decision has been made and is over with and that a new session of classes are starting at the Y and hoping that this time the kids will have classes at the same time which will buy us some free time.
I am thankful for... everything. Too broad? OK, I'm thankful that I wasn't wearing socks when I stepped in dog pee this morning. I'm thankful that my family has a lot of people that love us and help to take care of us while Rob is away. I'm thankful for the gorgeous weather we've been having and that Zion is taking a good nap today (even though it means I'm letting her sleep through her swim class). I'm thankful that when I called Rob today he was actually free to talk.
From the kitchen... leftovers. Sad isn't it? But at least they will be good leftovers from one of my favorite restaurants (The Rock Woodfired Pizza).
I am wearing... black workout pants and a brown tank top. Both have been decorated with spit up that has since dried. I bought a new watch today (I have a horrible time with watches, they always break or fall apart) but haven't put it on yet. No jewelry, not even my wedding band since it's a workout at the Y day.
I am creating... this blog. ;) I have a trio of "Daddy dolls" in the works as well as a cross stitch.
I am going... to Bible study later. I should be driving us to the Y for Z's class but, as I said, she's sleeping and for fun things like this I have a pretty strict "let sleeping kids lie" policy. Right now she needs a nap more than she needs to splash around in the water.
I am reading... "Growing Kids God's Way" by Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo, homework for my Bible study tonight. I should also be catching up with my homework for my study on Thursday by reading Joshua chapters 1 and 2.
I am hoping... that my knees won't grumble at me too badly for the workout that I gave them today. I think I'm outta luck there though.
I am hearing... Gideon babbling and squealing, the dog drinking water and his nails clicking on the floor, the movie that Gabe is watching.
Around the house... the gift bags from Gideon's "welcome baby shower" that the ladies at my church had for us yesterday, washing the new sheets I bought today, a few dishes in the sink and a few things to tidy - oh yes, and my kiddos.
One of my favorite things... sleep. Which I have not been getting lately.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Classes at the Y on Wednesday, Bible studies, AWANAs for Gabe, meeting up with an old friend.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...

the best way to watch TV, a flowered hat and no pants.

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