Monday, September 15, 2008

A Message From Rob

Hi all,

Happy *almost* fall to you! It's hard to believe it's mid-September. I know that many of you are either back in school or have family back in school now. But apparently it's not quite time for the new fall line-up of TV to be in full gear. Not much longer for that I'm sure!

I don't have much time to update you today, but wanted you to know that I'm doing well. Where I had been keeping up with 2-week updates until now, the last 3 weeks have taken me quite off guard. You see, the situation at Tent City for internet was far more desperate than I was lead to believe before getting here. Additionally we have had a VERY full training schedule. The reward, however, has been a well-deserved day off today that the Army likes to call a "soldier maintenance day". I'm up on the main base doing some shopping, having lunch, and catching up with the internet. I'm being told that it's all down hill from here... for what it's worth, I hope so! Today marks the 1 month point for me going home on leave and it's great to see that light at the end of the tunnel.

If you've been keeping up with Julie and the home page you've had some great stuff to see lately! So have I! What a blessing. We tried the Skype connection the other day and while it was great to see each other, the connection was rough. So the home web page has been a great thing.

My picture taking has been hindered a bit lately with the breaking of my brand new camera. I think I'll be able to get it fixed since it is still new, however working that issue from Fort Bragg is a monumental challenge to say the least! Still, here's one of the latest and greatest for your viewing. Life at Tent City.

Here's a quick look around Tent City with some of my peers in the foreground and some typically awesome big skies in the background. I'm really enjoying my team here and am glad to be serving with such bright and capable folks as we see our Afghanistan destination on the horizon.

Take care all of you,


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