Friday, September 19, 2008

Green With Envy

Someone has come between me and Rob and I can't say that I'm just a little bit jealous. I'm a LOT jealous! Rob got to hang out with lil' miss Ripley all day today. Burnett, long lashes, legs that go on for miles. He even had the nerve to send me a picture with his cell phone! Ugh! It's not fair! I want to hang out with Ripley! Here I am feeling bad (off and on) that Rob is so far away missing out on all the neat things the kids are doing but he's over there going HORSEBACK RIDING (on Ripley in case you haven't figured it out yet)! One of my absolute favorite activities! Apparently, there may be an opportunity for Rob to be near horseflesh once he gets over "there" so this was another thing that he received training on. It sounds like he had a lot of fun and I tried not to be too envious. This could be a very good thing for me in the long run. If he ends up liking it a lot maybe he'll go riding with me when he gets back. :) Double :) :)!

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