Monday, March 3, 2008

New Words

Just a quick post today to add some new words to Zion's list. She's just started using "car", "hug", and "go" and there's a few more I think but of course I waited until the last thing before bed and my sleepy head isn't remembering them all. She repeats so much but I try to see her using the word independently before I officially add it to her list. I can't remember if I already mentioned that she also added "baby", "bird" and "cat" to her signing vocabulary. It seems like I did but oh well.

Gabe's latest funny statement came on Sunday (well, funny enough to mention, he's funny all day). He told Rob "Dad, I think you're awesome! But you dress the same everyday." We will now be accepting donations to help purchase Rob a new wardrobe. I guess we may also want to send him to a therapist to help with any self esteem issues that might arise.

For anyone who is interested, Rob is back in Oregon today. He is supposed to come home late Thursday. Friday I leave for a women's retreat with my friend's church and I'll return on Sunday. Monday Rob turns around and heads out to the East coast until Thursday of that week. Yuck! I really hope that is his last trip but he's not entirely convinced it will be. Part of me is hoping that this baby won't be early for fear Rob will be out of town. The rest of me, you know, my back, hips, ribs, lungs, bladder and all that really wouldn't mind so much.

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