Friday, March 21, 2008

Oh boy. I think we're committed.

We didn't mean to do it, it was a total accident. Today Rob stayed home from work for a variety of reasons (get the Explorer in the shop, I'm sick...) and while Gabe was at school we checked out a different preschool for him for next year. The reason being that he is currently about to conclude the 4-year old's class where he has been all year despite the fact that he is (was) only 3. Even as the youngest student the work wasn't really up to his level. They are doing letters and numbers 1-10, colors and shapes and he knew all that to start with. The class was really good for him for a number of reasons but our only choice would be for him to repeat the same class if he stayed there and that would bore him I think. So Rob and I drove to another church that offers a Christian preschool that has a Kindergarten prep class. Wow! Right up his alley. He will still get to go to chapel, have Bible stories and lessons, have circle time and free play but they introduce reading and math among other things and since he is already doing that at home I'm way more excited about this class and it's curriculum.

After we picked Gabe up today we let him know that we looked at a different school for him for next year. I explained that, for one thing, he would get to have recess out of doors and that they have slides, swings, and climbing toys (at this point he interrupted me with a cheer of joy) and that in class they would help him with his reading and math. That was all it took. He is totally revved up for his "new" school and everywhere we drove on our errands he'd ask "Is that my new school?" at every building. Not only that but he has told just about every person we met on our errands that he gets to go to a new school. Rob and I hadn't entirely decided yet but I supposed there's no going back now (although we would if we could think of a reason not to register him there but we can't). The only drawback to this school is it's distance away. We got really spoiled with his current preschool being just around the corner from our house, this one is a whole 10-15 minutes away! How will we ever manage? ;) We'd better get him registered quick before the class fills up.

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