Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A post and run.

Just a quick update. I had my 36 week check yesterday and all is well and we were able to verify via ultrasound that the baby is head down. My doctor is seeming pretty grim about the baby's size and allowing me to go anywhere near my due date. I will see someone else at the practice next week but at my 38 week check she wants to talk induction. She knows how I feel about that and that big babies don't scare me, I've had two already after all but something in her tone has changed in the last week or two. I'll have to balance my experience with two inductions due to late babies who were big and her experience and knowledge as a doctor. Prayers would be good that the baby will decide to come on it's own before we have to worry about induction.

Rob is back in Oregon until Thursday. His last trip for a while. Yeah!

Gabe is still very stuffed up and coughing but it's not dragging him down. He is excited to be having a pajama party at school tomorrow. Today I scolded the dog for snatching a bit of food from under Zion's chair (something he's not allowed to do because he gets really obnoxious when we let him take food from us at meals). Gabe told me that he is sorry that it was upsetting to me and then went and asked the dog, now banished to his bed, if he would forgive me (I suppose for getting mad at him). I guess the idea of asking for forgiveness when you apologize is starting to really sink in with him.

Rob reported that Zion has added "diaper" to her vocabulary. I've also been meaning to add "Gabe" to her list for a while. She says it like "Gob" most of the time though. Too funny. She also tries to say "brother" but it comes out differently every time. I keep hearing new words from her and tell myself to add them to her list but by the end of the day when I take my opportunity to update the blog I've forgotten what they are. She hasn't learned any new signs lately, we haven't had much time to spend working on it for a little while but she is still using those she's already learned.

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