Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

I hope that you had a fabulous Easter Sunday! It always surprises me, and by now it shouldn't, how emotional I get on Easter. When I sit in church , when we sing together at worship, when I consider the cross and the significance of the day. It is overwhelming. This Easter was no exception. Easter may just be my favorite holiday. I do miss going to a large church that offers a Passion Play regularly. When I attended Overlake Christian Church I was fortunate to participate in the actual play since I was in the choir. We played the "extras", the people who one minute wave palm branches and shout "Hosanna!" and the next are shouting "Crucify Him!". The "hosannas" were easy, "crucify Him" often caught in my throat. Obviously I was not among the original crowd to make this demand yet I am no less guilty of His death than those who were. It was for me as much as them and anyone else living or dead that he endured the cross. Thankfully, it was for us also that he rose again. Gabe's verse for AWANA's last week was "He is not there...He is risen." Luke 24:6 - Amen!

This Easter we had a nice easy morning. Our church service didn't start until 11 and it was completed promptly at 12 (a record for our church I believe). That allowed us plenty of time to head back to the house to get the food we were taking to my sister's house for the kids to do an egg hunt and for us to have dinner. We got to their house and Zion noticed the colorful eggs hidden around the house immediately (it was pouring outside, perfect Washington weather). Gabe's attention went immediately to the Easter baskets and he instantly knew which one was his since my sister had packed it with a new Thomas train for his collection. He continued to remain oblivious to the eggs all around while Zion started to collect them. She was not able to collect more than two at a time, one for each hand, so we let her continue her efforts while we waited for friends of my sister to arrive.

After dinner and some time with the Wii (one of my nieces got Mario Party for Easter) the kids and even a few of the adults colored eggs. Gabe had a really good time this year being able to do pretty much everything by himself. Zion wasn't really interested, she spent the time stealing jelly beans out of the bowl when I turned my back and playing ball with the egg that my sister had given her. Good thing they were hard boiled. No amount of effort on our parts could convince her that she might do anything but throw it around. Enjoy the pictures!

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I love Zion's dress, too cute.