Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's Snowing!

Yes, you heard, er - read, me right. It's snowing and it has been for hours now. When I first saw it I assumed that it would turn to rain as it has been lately but an hour later as I was getting the kids ready to take Gabe to AWANAs it was really sticking. By that time Zion had been begging at the door to go outside. She was ecstatic at the thought of going outside and doesn't seem to be bothered by the cold at all. We have no gloves for her even and she just doesn't care. I got us out of the house a little early so that the kids to check out the snow in the front yard and I could take a picture or two (though the photos only show a fraction of how much we have by now). Once that was done I put the kids in the car but decided to call Gabe's class leader first and she said that they had just decided to cancel - whew! To be perfectly honest, I was exhausted, like bone tired, and was not looking forward to driving across town in the snow and having to turn around in two hours and do it again. When Rob is out of town I get the special experience of trying to keep Zion up and happy past her bedtime because I have to go back to the church to get Gabe at 8:30. Can't leave Zion home alone and can't leave her in the car when I'm there so I have to lug her around the church too. I am letting her walk on her own more and more but this is one of those times when it just doesn't work because she wants to stay and play and get really upset when we have to leave. Anyway, I just wasn't looking forward to this excursion today. So, I for one was really excited to hear that AWANA's was canceled. Gabe was not. He was really, really sad actually (which in a way makes me happy because I'm glad that he likes church well enough to be sad to miss it) so I proposed that we have hot chocolate and watch the Polar Express (this works every time). So that is what we did. Gabe was thrilled to watch his favorite movie and have hot cocoa, Zion was thrilled that she got to go outside, and I was thrilled that I got to stay home and get the kids to bed on time. A good night.

And yes, Gabe is wearing pajamas in that picture. He had pajama party day at preschool and didn't want to change so he wore p.j.s all day. I asked him if he would be OK being the only kid at AWANAs wearing p.j.s and he said yes. I like that he isn't bothered by what others may think of what he does, I hope that is something about him that will continue as he gets older.

Oh, and I've remembered one of the words that Zion has been saying for a long time that I keep forgetting to add to her list - "gawk". That translates to "sock". She is a little obsessed with socks right now. Putting her socks on, seeing someone else put socks on or sneaking away with someone's socks before they get to put them on are the highlights of her day.

Here is a picture of Gabe's train tracks that he built the other day. It's just so cool how he figured out how to do something the set wasn't made to do, made it work, did it all by himself, and made it so it makes a really neat and complete circuit. He took it apart and rebuilt it slightly different this afternoon but didn't get to finish before dinner so he'll have a project to work on tomorrow. That will be especially good if we stay holed up because of the snow. I think that's all for now. God bless!

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