Thursday, March 27, 2008

Zion's Goofy and Ouchy Day.

How do I start? It was just a weird day. Zion woke up at the crack of dawn probably due to all the light streaming in from outside. We had bright blue skies and sun that reflected off the snow we got last night. It was too much for her. I barely had time to get breakfast in Gabe and Zion before they were both begging to go outside to play. So out we went. I was even able to find gloves for Zion. Last night, according to Wunderground, we were supposed to get about 1" of snow. By this morning we got A LOT more than that, though it's hard to see in the picture.

When I got tired I brought us all in and stripped the kids of wet coats and gloves which I arranged in front of the gas fireplace. A fire seemed like a good idea and would help the kids' things to dry. This proved to be not the best idea. Zion was goofing around and bumped the fireplace screen so that it was cattywampus and then she noticed that her shoes were back there. My brain is not thinking as quickly as it does when I'm not, say, going on ten months pregnant, and I didn't even think about the hot glass. Only for a few seconds though because as soon as Zion screamed I knew what had happened (please don't call CPS on me for not preventing this) and rushed over there. I took her straight to the bathroom screaming (her not me) and ran cold water in the sink. She promptly quit crying and started splashing and playing. I kept checking her palms for redness and burns and didn't find anything so I concluded that she was just startled by the heat and took her back out to the living room to play. She played ghost with her coat and fed her cow puppet pieces of cereal and cuddled with her big bear and was being very goofy.
At one point though I noticed two white marks on the topside of two fingers. Yep, she'd actually burned the skin on the knuckles of her pointer and middle fingers on her right hand and I had only been checking the inside of her hand and fingers. *sigh* It's not blistered just white (and she will have nothing to do with anysort of ice pack) so I call the nurses hotline and leave a message to call me back and feed her lunch which she eats using her ouchy hand. I do notice that she's fussy though and keeps trying to "wipe" her hand off on things. After lunch I put her down for nap and she doesn't want to go down. As I'm rocking her the nurses hotline calls and has me make an appointment "just in case it blisters later". Fine with me. Zion sleeps for a couple of hours and when I get her up, guess what, her fingers have blistered. Poor baby. She's a happy camper though, no more fussiness and she's all smiles. So anyway, I'm making a short story long (which is my super power by the way) so fast forward to later. She gets a glob of burn cream and a big bandage on her hand, which she held stone still for, and an appointment for a recheck tomorrow. We'll see if the bandage lasts that long.
Now look at that face. You're thinking "oh, poor baby, it must hurt" and all sorts of things related to her sad condition. Don't feel too bad. She was super excited a second before I took this and only put on the pouty face because Rob was "cruel" enough to put the cap back on the chapstick. She loves to put on chapstick, she'd do it all day if I let her. But there's her big ol' bandage which is kind of like a mitten. They wrapped it allowing her thumb to stay out so she can still grip and she does just fine eating and playing and putting on chapstick.

Gabe I feel a little bad that Zion took over the whole day so I'll stick on a couple of things about Gabe. He had a great day, was very helpful when I needed him to be and very understanding of his sissy's sudden special needs. He had a great time playing outside this morning with his car and has been enjoying spelling the names of his Thomas trains on his Magnadoodle. For some unknown reason he wrote Thomas backwards though. The big silly.

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