Monday, March 10, 2008

Too much to post.

I've had something that I've wanted to post just about everyday for a week but haven't had time to do it. For instance, the other day Gabe and I spent a few minutes to photograph him with some of his art from school and church. We don't have the storage to keep it all so I take his picture with it and keep the most special ones. One of my favorites right now is a card that Gabe made us for Valentine's Day, it has the hand sign for "I love you" on the front. Interestingly enough that has been one of Gabe's favorite signs that he recently learned at home. He throws his hand up into the air and shouts "I love you!" like he's at a rock concert, it's so funny. The first time he did it we were eating dinner and Rob and I both almost spit food out of our mouths we laughed so hard.

One of his pieces of art that keeps us laughing is his picture of George Washington. The children were supposed to paste his silhouette onto colored paper. Gabe pasted his on upside down insisting that it's a bunny, not a person.

We had some amazingly warm weather last week. Gabe wanted to play outside a lot so one time Zion and I went out with him (before it was too cold for our taste). I'm not sure that it was a good idea or not at this point. Zion apparently is now an out of doors freak! She loves it and wants to be there constantly! She plays with Gabe's car and little bikes and trikes but I think her favorite thing may be to hang out in the gravel to shovel. That's all well and good not to mention adorable but the bad part is having to come inside. As soon as I pick her up she starts kicking and screaming, even once inside she'll stand at the door and wail and beg, signing please and howling her version of "outside" over and over - so sad. Even if I tell her that it's time to eat she doesn't stop. This is extreme since previously eating has been Zion's favorite thing. She constantly brings us her coat and shoes (both of which she can now say as well as "outside") and asks us to put them on for her. She gets excited even if we just let her walk to the garbage can and back with us. This will prove to be an interesting summer that we have ahead of us I'm sure. If she knows we are going somewhere she waits at the door to the garage and has gotten really good at shoving Gabe out of the way to get out the door and negotiating the two steps down while holding our hand. We've been practicing her walking while holding our hands as well as opposed to being carried. She needs a little work at not trying to pull away but she's a confident enough walker that she rarely needs to be carried unless speed is called for or the terrain is difficult.

Not only am I grateful for this because it's getting harder for me to carry her at all but I'm hoping that she will be a pro at this by the time the baby comes so I can carry that one and walk with her. Gabe of course is a pro at walking with me without needing a hand to hold so he is not a concern. This is kind of a funny situation though because of the two Gabe is the one who would rather be carried or ride in he stroller, Zion values her independence too much. She hates to be hindered and always wants to do her own thing.

Speaking of the new baby, I just had my 34 week check today. Everything looks good and the heartbeat is strong and fast. The baby appears to be bigger than the space allows already, I seem to have elbows or feet or whatnot sticking out all over, which is scary considering how big Gabe and Zion both were. I've been hoping that this one will be smaller but day by day by hopes are being dashed. Then again, who knows, we'll just have to wait and see. If you pray for us just pray for a smooth and easy delivery free of complications. Gabe and Zion were both late comers and I'm fine with this one being late too as long as everything goes well. Besides, currently I don't have any of the extreme pain that I had with Zion at the end and this little guy or girl is a very active mover, keeping me company during the day and mercifully allowing me to sleep at night. That is something that I always miss after delivery and only God knows if this will be the last time I get to experience this. I love all the bumping and turning and watching my belly jump and roll.

Rob has still been traveling a lot. He was in Oregon last week and is back there again as of today. He was, however, home for the weekend which allowed me to take off with a bunch of girlfriends and make some new friends. One of the ladies in my MOPS group planned a small getaway for about 20 women and I got invited to go along. We stayed in the neatest house, it must have been 100 years old but had been renovated. It was gorgeous! Wood paneling, stained glass windows, secret liquor closet behind a bookcase (it was not stocked but it was fun to discover anyway) and a completely amazing kitchen! The kitchen had restaurant quality and sized appliances which included a pizza oven, a 6-burner stove top and a separate steamer. Not to mention that it was right on the water and had enough property between it and the neighbors' that it was really peaceful and serene. An added benefit is that I got to eat FIVE entire meals where I didn't have to cut someone else's food, wipe someone else's face or pick up a dropped sippy cup at least five times! Of course I missed my kids but those things are thrilling anyway. I'll post some pics in another post perhaps tomorrow. For now, I have to get to bed!

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