Monday, March 10, 2008

A post script.

Zion has some new words and signs that I've added to her list. She has been caught saying 'eek!', 'story' and 'quack' as well as 'coat', 'shoes', and 'outside' like I mentioned in my post. She is also signing 'Daddy' and 'cracker'.

'Eek!' she says a lot because I say it to her to make her laugh. Especially when she's up set that it's time for a diaper change. She loves it when I pretend to be startled by something and yelp "eek!", makes her laugh every time. 'Story' was just newly added today when she handed me a book and mumbled "iwannastory". 'Quack' has an adorable background to it since it started in a song. We recently checked out a Sandra Boynton (popular author and artist and I just found out song writer) CD that has a silly and very short song that goes "moo, moo, moo, moo QUACK QUACK!". Every time Zion hears it she cracks up so we sing it to her all the time. Now she has started to say it "Ka-Kack!" all the time. Tonight at bedtime I sang the moo, moo, moo part and she chimmed in "ka-kack!" right at the right time. Silly girl.

Now, seriously, I'm going to bed.

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