Monday, March 31, 2008


Zion - is doing great. Her fingers are healing beautifully. The big "mitten" bandage has been removed but as needed I put on a new bandage of just gauze and tape. Today is the first day she's actually bothered it at all. When I got her up this morning and from her nap she had removed the bandage but that's fine, it gives me a chance to see how things are doing. Otherwise she has adapted completely to being a left-hander when she has obviously been a complete right-hander up until now. She seems to have learned the word "hot" not so ironically but I'm not sure if she really means hot when she says it, I'll have to keep a closer eye on context to confirm. She has also started saying "blue" (complete with the 'l') and "g'een" and is still begging to go outside multiple times a day. Rob took her and Gabe out to play in the sandbox yesterday and she had a blast! I have a few pics but not the energy to post them right now so I'll get them up soon.

Me - I had my 37 week check today and am still "closed up tight". If you don't know what that means just put it out of your mind. :) I got to meet one of the other doctors at the practice though and he is really cool. He was kind enough to address the nasty cough that I have and write me a prescription for antibiotics that will hopefully get rid of the garbage I've been bringing up (too much information, I know). He also told me to take Clariton-D but now that I've had my first dose I think I'll skip it. I just feel way too loopy. Otherwise, I feel good, tired but good.

Gabe - Gabe is on Spring break this week. I'm not sure how he feels about that. He kept asking if he had school today and when I'd remind him that he didn't he just go back to playing. He had a ton of fun role playing with his trains at length today. I love hearing him come up with story lines and plots and disasters and teamwork while playing with his trains. He can imagine some pretty interesting scenarios, I should write them out as I'm listening some day.

Rob - Has been spending a lot of time being a tremendous help around the house. Not only does he have a tired and pregnant wife but a sick one. I think he's enjoying not having to travel even still. He's great - and he made a cake tonight that I am REALLY looking forward to digging into. I am definitely NOT too loopy for cake. Otherwise, I think he is looking forward to starting a new project at work where he'll be on a team looking into alternative fuels - exciting!

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