Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Little Miss Smarty Pants

OK, this is going to be a post that only parents can understand so if you're a single person - or maybe even someone who is married but has yet to have children, just pass it on by. Don't bother reading because A) you will be bored and B) you'll think I'm crazy to be excited about this.

Alrighty, here goes. Since Rob has been traveling so much and I've pretty much taken over bathtimes (which is part of his bedtime routine with the kids when he's in town) I've been letting Zion sit on the little potty before putting her in the tub. She thinks it's something funny and usually pops up as soon as she sits down. Tonight she sat and stayed for a few seconds before getting up then I plopped her in the tub. She and Gabe started to splash and play and I went to shut the potty but what do my eyes survey but actual honest to goodness potty in the potty! I feel a little bad that I missed the opportunity to praise her at the moment but I really hope that it won't be long before I get another opportunity. I'm such a proud Mommy tonight, what a big girl!

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