Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A post and run.

Yesterday we three were hanging out at a friend's house. Gabe was playing with my friend's son who is his age and Zion was hanging out on my lap. Zion kept patting my belly and signing "baby, baby, baby" over and over. It was too cute and amazing that she seems to understand that there's a baby in there. This response is different than usual, prior to yesterday she would just pat or kiss my belly and then show me her belly.

Today I had to pick Gabe up early from AWANA's, he kept laying down and had actually fallen asleep on the floor in the middle of class. When I got him home and asked him what the matter was he started off "well, sometimes my socks smell...". I couldn't wait for the rest of his list I cracked up laughing and it was a good few minutes before I was under control again. I'm still not sure if he wasn't feeling well or perhaps the odor from his socks just completely knocked him out, who knows, but he doesn't have a fever and seems to be fine. Thank God! I was really, really worried that we were about to start yet another round of sickness in the house.

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