Friday, February 29, 2008

More puzzling.

Gabe seriously loves the United States puzzle that he got for his birthday (thank you Tantie Jamie!). Tuesday he did the puzzle three times and he's done it at least once a day since then. He has fallen in love with certain states. Washington but not for the reason you think. It has a picture of apples on it and he says "that's where Applebee's is", Applebee's is his favorite restaurant. And Oregon because "that's where Daddy is", yes Daddy has been in Oregon a lot lately. And Arizona "that's where I want to go on vacation next" he says. And for some reason Maine "that's where the beach is". The puzzle piece for Maine has a lighthouse on the sand so naturally, that's where the beach is. Tuesday he also broke out into spontaneous laughter while washing his hands and said "it sure is funny to see all the silly places I haven't been yet". I haven't timed him yet but he can whip this puzzle out in minutes. This one is a 51 piece large floor puzzle. He also got another puzzle for his birthday, a Thomas picture, that is 60 pieces and he's pretty quick at that one too. Where to next I wonder? We've looked at bigger puzzles but the pictures are uninteresting even for us so we keep looking.

Gabe has been tremendously helpful and sweet this last week, even more than normal which I didn't think was possible because he is generally helpful and very sweet. When I ask him if he can do something for me he jumps up and chirps "of course!", he hasn't been arguing at all, he cracks up laughing even more than normal and the other day I gave him a juice box at lunch (a rare treat) and I caught him holding it for Zion to take a drink. Zion herself has been particularly sweet but at the same time she has been practicing some new tantrum techniques and boy is she good! Most of the time she's so over the top that I just have to laugh at her. Of course, everything about Zion is over the top so I wouldn't expect anything less. I caught her playing with the cat tree the other day, soon she will be climbing the darn thing.

I pretty much only have a cough left of my cold and that is good and bad. Good because I am feeling better but bad because I'm still exhausted and can't catch my breath. That means that those symptoms are pregnancy related not cold related and will be with me for a while still. Oh well, it was bound to happen and I actually have felt really good this pregnancy so I can't really complain. One good thing to look forward to is that tomorrow is the start of March. Which means that when people ask when I'm due and I say April they might not tell me how huge I look. They don't need to know that it's the end of April and that I still have around 7 weeks left, almost two months not one. What they don't know won't hurt me.

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