Thursday, February 7, 2008

Gabe is Puzzling

A couple of weeks ago Gabe pulled out one of his puzzles, he loves puzzles, especially ones with trains. The puzzle that he pulled out was a Thomas puzzle and his biggest at 36 pieces (I think). I noticed a little while after he pulled it out that he had picked one corner piece out and was doing the puzzle down one side, then over one, up that row, then one over... I realized that if he was having to give himself new challenges with his old puzzles (not that that's bad) that it was time to get some new puzzles. So we went out last weekend and picked him up a new 60 piece John Deere puzzle at Walmart (heck, only $3.96). At first he said it was hard (compared to the other ones which he's had memorized for a while it probably was a bit) but after a little of reminding of some puzzle making tips he persisted and completed his new puzzle. He's very happy and I need to get some more new puzzles. He was also very excited that some of the tractors had faces. That's his favorite because then he can give them voices and pretend with them. If you are playing with Gabe and try to give a voice to a toy that doesn't have a face prepare to be corrected. According to Gabe only toys with faces can talk. Makes sense I guess.

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