Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Conversations with Zion

Last night I was in the kitchen and I heard Zion come up behind me and say "Mama!" so I turned to see her holding a piece to one of Gabe's train set. I ask "what, Honey (or Baby or Sissy or whatever)" and she responds "wha' shish?" (what's this?). I answer "a bridge" to which she says "dah" (thanks) and turns and walks away. I was talking to Rob on the phone (he's still in Oregon) and said "I think I just had my first real conversation with Zion". I mean we babble all the time and she signs and I respond or I'll ask her something and she'll respond but this was an actual back and forth conversation that she initiated. For some reason this interaction stuck out to me. I'm really going to have to pay more attention to what she says. I think I am dismissing a lot for "babble" what is actually meaningful words.

That being said, I need to add "moo" and "hat" to her list of words. She has really enjoyed bringing me "Are You My Mother" and "The Cat In The Hat Comes Back" lately and her favorite parts are when the bird meets the cow (she always points and says "moo") and just about any page of the other because she has become obsessed with hats and the cat is always wearing one.

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