Saturday, February 16, 2008

Joy and silliness!

Two words that describe Zion to a "t' (among others). While Gabe was down and out (really, really down) Zion kept up all our spirits with her usual joy and silliness. I updated the POW (picture of the week) with a photo I got out of shear luck. Zion had just put on Gabe's sweater and could not contain her excitement. She really is a girl, absolutely loves to play dress up. This is now one of my favorite pictures of her, it totally captures her spirit and how she careens through life exuding smiles and happiness. Then there are these.

Zion can be pretty silly at meals. I caught her with her spoon in her mouth like a dog would carry a stick. She also likes to push her high chair back (we don't use the tray but she sits in the chair at the table with us) and then puts her feet up on the table. She sits there with her feet up like an old man in a recliner. Then she can't figure out why she can't reach her food anymore. More silliness.

One of her new favorite sillinesses (I'm sure that's a word) is to lift her shirt and tickle her own belly at random times. No one even need be there, I've seen her do this with no one else around. Sometimes she laughs so hard at herself she doubles over. I've probably contributed to this activity because her belly is one of my favorite things, too. Now we all just need to learn to love our own bodies that much and we'd all be much better off.

While this isn't a silly photo I felt I needed to add it on for the cuteness factor. Brother and sister working side by side, both so serious. Zion has no idea how to play the games on the laptop and in fact the one she was using had dead batteries (they were both birthday gifts for Gabe last year). Shortly after this was taken she shut the top and banged it on the table. When it's working she just likes to push the buttons to make noises.

Well that's pretty much us for the last week. Gabe did not get to go to his first Valentine's Day party or to AWANA's that night. He did seem well enough on Valentine's Day that we kept our schedule (my women's Bible study, Rob and I got to go to lunch and then we all went to church later for a Valentine's Couples Dessert with the kids in the nursery). But since then he's been a little down again and is still maintaining a temperature of about 100, sometimes a little less, sometimes a little more. We're praying for us all to be better for this week since it's his birthday on Wednesday and his party on Saturday. Until later!

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Emily said...

Zion looks a lot like my Evelyne, she has red hair, too! Ev's is more strawberry blonde, a little lighter, but still! A redhead is a redhead! Cute!