Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Zion, Sweet and Wild

Gabe dominated my last post or two so I thought I would concentrate on Zion today. My inspiration came from a very sweet moment with her brother today. Gabe wanted to be on my lap but he just doesn't realize how big he is these days and first he drops a book (corner down of course) right onto the soft top of my foot. Then he gets squirmy and tries to turn around and whacks me in the face so I made him get down for a bit (a pregnant mommy can only take so much abuse before needing a short break). This made him very, very sad and he knelt down and cried. Zion went over and patted his back and leaned over so she could look into his face, earnestly trying to make him feel better. She is such a sweety. The funny thing is that she's just as likely to smack him on the head as soon as he's done weeping as anything else. She is equal amounts of rough and tumble and princess, tomboy and girly girl. One minute she's driving Gabe's trains around tooting "woo woo" and the next minute she's got her purse on her arm and is walking around totally full of herself.

She is still not totally herself. She still has a runny nose and a wicked, rough cough but in between her emotional sick-baby outbursts she is more herself than not. Today after one particularly bad screaming jag (it turns out she wanted her snack and milk on my lap NOT in her highchair - who knew) I turned a Signing Time video on for Gabe. As soon as she heard the theme song she started cracking up laughing and flipping her little hands about to sign the song along with Rachel, the shows' hostess. When she is excited by something she just starts laughing and can't seem to stop. Take for instance bath time. She loves it. Mmmm, no. That's not a strong enough word. Anytime we step in the kids' bathroom she runs for the tub and tries to get in. If we actually start running the water she can hardly stand still while we get her undressed. Then when she is actually placed in the tub with the water she laughs so hysterically she's bent over and she just keeps laughing and laughing. Then the splashing begins. Even better is when Gabe and Zion get to share a bath. Twice the splashing and laughing. The laughter only ends when she sees me get her towel. Tonight as soon as I laid the towel on the mat outside the tub she starting hustling for the far corner of the tub in a futile attempt to escape my reach. Poor sad, wet baby still gets plucked out of the water with her little chubby legs kicking in anger. Little does she know that I actually appreciate her little fit since it helps shake the water off. :) She screams like she just emerged from the womb, all wrapped up in her thick purple hooded towel (a gift from a lady at our church) until my frantic drying starts to tickle and it's over as suddenly as it starts. Then she's all grins again. Yep, sweet and wild. That's my girl.

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