Thursday, February 21, 2008

Gabe is four!

I know, I'm technically a day late, Gabe turned four yesterday. Too bad his poor mommy was sick as a dog. So sick that Rob stayed home from work to help out with the kids. We are so lucky he has a job that he can do in part from home. Gabe did get to help me frost the cupcakes we made the night before which he got to take to class. After school he and I took an unexpected nap after which we headed to his favorite restaurant, Applebee's where he got a free meal and a free Sundae. We also let him open a few presents there, we got him Silly Billy (one of the Thomas and Friends trains), a chef's hat and apron for when he helps me in the kitchen (he loves to help with eggs especially), and the Clifford version of Uno. He has been a game freak lately, begging us to play a board game with him many times a day. We play with him a lot but we don't have a lot of age appropriate games for him. Sometimes we just try to modify one of our games to his level. He really likes my version of Showdown Yahtzee.

Today he had his four year well-check. He is just about 40" tall and 35 pounds. A string bean like his Dad. The doctor asked how he was doing on milestones like if he knows numbers. I was like "um, Gabe has known his numbers, letters, shapes, and colors since he was one." I didn't think anything of it at the time but now that I'm around other kids his age more I am realizing that he is a bit ahead of the game. So no problems in that area. At the time we were discussing that Gabe was shimmying up the exam table with his little bare hinney sticking out of his gown and the doctor commented that his physical milestones appear to be on target as well. :)

Saturday is his birthday party and he is excited to have friends over for that. There is one boy from his preschool especially who Gabe wanted to invite and it's so neat to see him so excited about making the invitation personally. I hope to have some pictures to post of his party and I hope that I will be feeling well enough to do it soon.

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Anne McEvoy said...

Happy Birthday to a very sweet 4 year old. I have 25, 4 year olds at church Sunday School, 17 boys. It is like a workout, but so much fun1

Blessings, and good health,
Anne McEvoy