Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Winter of Sickness

That is what this season has become known as and it actually started in the Fall. Last October both Zion and Gabe were sick (I can't even remember if it hit me and Rob) and I remember Zion's cough lasting about a month. I remember because we skipped her one-year vaccines because of it. I think we managed to get through Thanksgiving and Christmas OK but then come January here we are at it again. A month ago Zion got sick quickly followed up by me and Gabe while Rob was in Guam. Everytime I think we are over it the darn thing changes and someone will get sick all over again only with different symptoms. None of us have actually been fully recovered before getting sick it kind of just morphs into something new.

Poor Gabe is the unlucky recipient of the recent morph. Yesterday and today he has been battled a really terrible cough, a runny nose that has left his face raw from kleenex and a fever. He has really been out of it. Last night he woke up crying so many times wanting to know why the cough won't stop or why his nose is still runny or telling me that he's lonely (at least that is easy to fix, just leave Maisy the cat in his room to cuddle with) and it's just so sad.

It's also sad that I had to stay home from a MOPS steering committee meeting today, I REALLY needed to get out of the house. Tomorrow we are going to play Gabe's school and AWANA's meeting by ear. We'll see how he is when he wakes up. But Thursday is Valentine's Day! I have a special event with my women's Bible study that morning and Rob is actually going to be home! He is supposed to get back from Oregon tomorrow night. We have plans for a nice lunch and the couple's Valentine's dessert at our church - kid free. But all of those activities depend on the sketchy health of our kids. So if you read this in time send up a prayer that we'll all be fit as fiddles come Thursday so we can have a bit of fun both as a family and Rob and I as a couple. We really need it for as much time as we've spent apart and/or sick this year.

On a happier note (and I know I keep saying this but it's been little by little) I really think that Zion is all the way back to herself. Not just eking her way back, but actually, honestly back to herself. This means that she is both mischievous and hilarious and sweetly concerned for Gabe, patting his back when he coughs, all at once. She has also started signing "bird" which is adorable and "saying" prayers at mealtimes. Let's hope she doesn't come down with something new!

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