Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Zion has not stopped reminding us that we promised her a new bed for Christmas.  Which is probably good because we needed someone to light a fire under us.  God blessed us with the (mostly) perfect weekend last weekend.  No commitments, my sister was able to take Gabe, Zion and Gideon for the weekend and we were able to get someone to come to the house to watch Elias on Saturday so we could work uninterrupted.

The plan: Transform “Zion’s Zoo” room into a new “Prince and Princess” room for her and Elias to share.  Assemble the top bunk of Gabe’s bed into a single bed for Zion, move the toddler bed to the boys’ room for Gideon and move the crib into the P&P room for Elias (getting him out of our room).

Zion and I got to work on Friday while Rob was at work.  We tidied, vacuumed and pulled down the old zoo decorations.  Zion was especially thrilled about this part since I let her do it, a task she has been getting in trouble for since I put the decorations up two years ago.  First when the went up and just recently again.  She said she was “helping” to get the room ready (AKA a major hint that she was sick of waiting for her new room).  Now she got to pull them down with my blessing.


We made the last minute plan for the kids to be with my sister while Gideon was napping.  When he woke up I told him he got to go to Tantie’s house.  He immediately went to the window by the front door and waited there.  Every time Zion walked by he’d put up his hand (Stop!  In the name of love…) and shout “No!  Go ‘way!  I looking at Tantie!”  I guess he wanted to be the one to get the first glimpse of his beloved Tantie Jamie.  She wasn’t due for four more hours.  Luckily we had to get dinner and had an errand to run so he was spared waiting there the whole time.


Saturday morning with children gone and Elias tended to downstairs we go to work washing, taping and covering furniture.  Finally we got to paint.  Rob put on the first stroke of pink over the old paint.  This was a very first painting experience for both of us (the house was painted in lots of colors before we bought it, most we liked the rest we could live with) so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I started with Lively Tune Blue on the bottom of the Prince side.  It scared me at first, it seemed almost white when it went on.  As it dried though I took a relieved breath, it was actually the color we wanted.  Phew!


Rob got stuck painting above the molding, being taller than me (by all of two inches) and because I get terribly dizzy when I work with my arms over my head.  Wet paint and dizzy don’t mix well.


I know there are people out there who look great wearing painting clothes and with ponytails.  I am not one of them.  But I figured I should make sure there was a picture of me just to prove I did it.


Nearing the time when we can take the blue tape off – my favorite part!


The tape is off!  It’s really late though so no natural light so the colors aren’t exactly true.  Still, it’s getting there.


Sunday we spent dealing with the clean up and furniture.  We got the beds moved and set up and bedding on but ran out of time for much else.  We thought we’d be able to finish on Monday since Rob took a day off but I woke up sick Saturday (why the weekend was only “mostly” perfect) and then Elias got the crud too so between my feeling run down and Elias requiring more care we put it off.  DSC_5999So pictures of the final rooms will have to wait.  Oh, I almost forgot to mention, we found Mario Kart curtains for the boys’ room.  REAL curtains!  (I am guilty of doubling up sheets to hang over windows to block out light.  Not very nice to look at though.)

Gabe wasn’t expecting anything for him so it was really fun to surprise him, too.  And we didn’t tell Gideon that he’d be getting a new bed so it was surprises all around.  Yay!  I love surprises! 

Photos of the final rooms soon! 

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