Thursday, March 17, 2011

Driving Me Crazy

Yesterday I made foot prints of Elias’ feet and a hand print from Zion and Gideon.  The feet are for gifts I’m making my dad and Rob’s dad for their birthdays (admittedly a little late) and the hands were because Zion and Gideon will not be left out of anything.  Luckily there was some of the stuff left over.  Right now they are drying on a cookie sheet in my kitchen.  Big mistake.

FootHandPrintsEvery time I walk through the kitchen I catch site out of that tray out of the corner of my eye and for a second I get all giddy about having a cookie.  Then I remind myself that they aren’t edible.  What a stinkin’ let down.  I really need to finish this project so I can stop being so disappointed all day.  I want cookies!

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