Monday, March 28, 2011

Sweet Shot Tuesday

Getting back into photography is helping to sharpen my decision making skills and BOY do they need sharpened.  I’m the worst.  I hate making decisions, choosing a favorite.  My favorite can change from day to day.  It didn’t take me tooooo long to choose a shot for Sweet Shot Tuesday.  Here’s my offering:


My sweet girl entertaining her “guest” at an impromptu tea party.  Eva is very nearly the most tolerant cat I’ve ever met.  I am so happy that we got such a good kitty.  I clearly recall my kitty growing up tolerating me putting him in doll clothes and the baby swing.  I feel safe putting that in writing because Zion can’t read yet but, please, nobody say it out loud around her.  She doesn’t need any more ideas.

Head on over to My 3 Boybarians to enter your own sweet shot, you know you have one, and/or see what others have put up.  It’s quite fun, I promise!

Sweet Shot Day


Ocean Soul said...

Wow, I don't know too many cats who do tea parties and a photo shoot! Have fun Zion!

Heidi said...

What a sweet kitty and a sweet shot for sure!

Ann said...

Oh, my grandchildren and I LOVE pink and cute childrens tea sets and this is precious. And what a sweet cat for your little girl. A fun day full of sweet family memories for her and for you. A terrific Sweet Shot Tuesday too!

Jessaca said...

LOL this is just too cute!! I thought my cats were tolerant but this tops it.
Have a good one!!!

patty said...

definitely a sweet shot and sweet memories, too. love the richness of colors!

Cedar said...

Great colors and perspective! Ummm, I wonder if Sunflower would have her tea parties with cats instead of me. I think not!

Our playdate canceled, so lots of me play with Sunflower time today and not so much vacuuming.