Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lovin’ It

Christmas Cactus_edited-1

I’m just loving learning how to make my pictures prettier.  I’m so pleased with this I just can’t even say.  Pride is bad but it’s OK to be pleased, right?  Tell me it is ‘cause I’ll be really disappointed if I’m not supposed to be pleased when something like the above happens.  I almost can’t believe that’s my photo.  But that’s my pot and that’s my cactus and that’s my cactus’ flower and take that photo I did.

I’m so glad God created a plant that blooms with neglect.  If it weren’t the case I wouldn’t have gotten this picture of my Christmas Cactus that I just noticed yesterday had bloomed despite my forgetting to water it in ages.  And that would be why I only have cacti left (it is cacti, right? not cactuses, I’m so confused).

So, in general this week has been going better.  I’m feeling a lot better after being so sick last week.  We had a fun weekend and got to spend a lot of time with my sister while Rob was away and we’ve actually been able to get out of the house and attend our normal activities.  Then Gideon lost his lovie.  I searched the house for that little black dog and couldn’t find him ANYWHERE!  I don’t know how we got any sleep that night.  I thought for sure he’d cry himself to sleep but apparently his blanky was comfort enough.  Or he was just that tired.  The next afternoon Zion and I were on the floor doing a puzzle and Gideon asked to watch a “foofie” (movie) so he opened the DVD cupboard and suddenly let out such a shout “WOOF!” and oh, the hug that dog received.  Such a joyful reunion. 

And you’re wondering why the heck am I relaying this story right now in this post.  It’s because, despite how beautiful that cactus flower photo turned out, my photo of the day yesterday was Gideon and his dog.  That which was lost has been found.  Can’t beat that.GideonAndWoof_edited-1

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Marfa said...

What a beautiful mom has a Christmas cactus like that, it blooms at various times, too, not just Christmas!