Friday, March 11, 2011


On a day like today when I found lovely fresh cut flowers at the grocery store AND had a chance to take a lot of photos of them AND got to be outside to take EVEN MORE photos, how do I choose just ONE photo to be my photo of the day?  How can it be done?!  It’s torture I tell you!CrocusLeaves_edited-1PinkCarnation_edited-1PinkCarnationVase2_edited-1PurpleSpiderMum_edited-1PurpleSpiderMumSide_edited-1YellowCarnation_edited-1

And that’s only a fraction of what I took today.  Those and this:


It was totally happenstance that I caught Gabe’s gaze in this photo.  He was helping me by holding up the white paper I was using as a backdrop.  I moved and didn’t realize that he was there but I can hardly call this an “oops” when it makes me smile so much.

I suppose having a hard time deciding is a happy problem to have.  I’ll just have to learn to live with it. 

(p.s. Don’t steal my photos.  If you want a copy I might give you one if you ask REEEEEEEEE-ally nicely though.)


Farm Fresh Jessica said...

I bought cut flowers today too! It must be the need for spring--That last one is so sweet--aren't boys the best, helping his mama like that? Your photos are awesome!

Cedar said...

I think you made a good choice. I did really like the one outside, too. I say keep a few tucked away to be your "photo of the day" when you don't have time to take a picture. I promise not to tell!