Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Room To Breath

Sometimes you, OK I, just need a little room to breath.  And move.  Move without bumping into a short person who wasn’t there two seconds ago.  Without thwacking a small head with my elbow because, again, it wasn’t there two seconds ago.  Being hung off of by a small someone.  Having my pants nearly pulled down by a small someone.  Because they’re using them to hang off me. 

Sometimes you, fine I, just want to prepare or eat a meal or even a tiny little snack without interruption.  Like a hundred of them.  Let’s not even talk about being able to go to the bathroom without “help”.

My four babes are beyond precious to me.  My love for them is indescribable.  And yet sometimes I just long for time to do what I want for how long I want without fearing that someone is going to holler for me, get hurt and cry, ask a gajillion questions or wake up ANY SECOND and thus cut short my project.  Whatever it was I was working on.  I’m at the mercy of naptimes and babysitters and hate that feeling of time running out.  Constantly, time is running out.  There’s a never ending loop of the Jeopardy theme song running through my head.

So I took some time.  An impromptu weekend away.  Just me.  Rob stayed home with the kids and I got Friday through Sunday to do what I wanted, when I wanted without bumping into a soul or having my pants pulled down by a child who is learning to pull up to standing (not naming names but I think you know who I mean).

I packed my knitting bag first.  Priorities, people.  Then picked what movies I wanted to take with me.  The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Mama Mia, The Holiday, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.  Then got things together for packing my camera and laptop which would get stowed last and all my personal spa things, foot soaks, hand scrubs, bubble bath – whee!  Finally into my suitcase went two sets of pajamas, one warm, one cool – you never know how those hotel rooms are going to be heated, and a shirt for wearing home (and unmentionables of course but, really, those aren’t supposed to be mentioned). 

Oh, don’t forget a plate and a super sharp knife in a case (thank you Pampered Chef for knives that come with cases they don’t fall out of).

No really.  I stopped at the grocery store to stock up on food and snacks and didn’t want to be caught unprepared.  Next time I know to bring paper towels or napkins too.  : )

Finally I was off.  My hotel room:


Note the fireplace and water view.  Two of my requirements in addition to a fridge, microwave and wifi, otherwise who cared where I was. 

The view from my room: 


It was a bit gray that day.  Just how I like it.

Another view IN my room: 


I forgot to ball my yarn before I left so guess who got to hand wind a ball using her feet as a spindle?  (Should I bring my ball winder next time?  I think so.)

Later that night:


I’m writing up a pattern for a cozy little wrap so I had out my stitch dictionary and knit up a swatch.  Then called Rob to help me with the math.  Don’t laugh.  I really did.

And even later:


My evergreen and mint foot soak powder is da bomb!

By now I’m feeling pre-tty good.  Tune in for more to come


Marfa said...

First of all...just saw your 365 pictures...and LOVE your hair...long or short, you're beautiful!!! I assume you're donating it? I'm lucky...all my life, wishing for red hair, and then expecting that my daughter would have brown hair like me or my husband, Rob...but no, she is a red head, too, with freckles (love love it)!
And now I really understand why you went away...sometimes I like to just go into my bedroom for an hour and read quietly or amaze me by your ability...I would like to try some patterns like the ones you're doing!

Peter and Abby said...

Where is this hotel? It looked wonderful! Glad you had a fun get-a-way!